Ruang Karyaloka CoKitchen

Mendukung bisnis F&B (Food and Beverage) untuk tumbuh dengan fokus pada pengiriman dapur


Strategic Locations

We help your brand expand rapidly to numerous strategic locations across Greater Jakarta to get you closer to your customers.

Tailored for Delivery

Our shared kitchen concepts are tailored especially to empower the F&B delivery business, with easy access for motorbikes, ordering and pickup.


Kitchen Operations

Our trained staff will help prepare your products for delivery, with the highest standard of quality and food safety.

Delivery Operations

We help your brand sell to consumers via popular food delivery platforms such as Go-Food and GrabFood, as well as take-away.


Digital Engagement

We help your brand grow sales by running successful online campaigns, and optimize listings for better visibility in delivery platforms.

Corporate Orders

We help your brand benefit from our extensive corporate network by bringing bulk orders for corporate gatherings and events.

New Era of FnB with Cloud Kitchen

Karyaloka CoKitchen operates an extensive network of delivery-focused kitchens, also known as cloud kitchens or virtual kitchens across Greater Jakarta. As part of Yummy Corp, we equip all our kitchens with staff that have been trained with the highest standard of food hygiene, safety and operational standards.

Karyaloka CoKithen adalah operator full-service cloud kitchen yang membantu bisnis F&B Anda berkembang pesat secara mudah dengan investasi minimum. Kami akan mengurus segala keperluan seperti sewa tempat, pekerja, dan biaya operasional!







Powering the Future of Food

We’re building a community of entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors to fix food, now and for the future. Food Labs offers two programming tracks to companies moving the needle in sustainability – Food Labs Membership and the Food Labs Accelerator.

Food Labs Membership

Food Labs is a workspace and global platform dedicated to startups impacting the future of sustainable food. We support early-stage innovators across the food ecosystem, including companies making food more sustainable through AI, robotics, kitchen appliances, supply chain, ag tech, distribution software, consumer goods, hospitality, and beyond.

Accelerator Program

To propel the We Company’s global commitment to sustainability, WeWork Food Labs will invest over $1M in food and agriculture startups through the Food Labs Accelerator. This program focuses on critical issues within the food industry, advancing solutions in an expedited timeline.

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